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FA9 Speed Gate



    Swing gate is developed for high-end users,with safe and efficient,intelligent use, high-quality, sturdy and durable.B301 collect industry experience and wisdom of all employees in one for many years, providing users with a complete product solution and quickly create high-quality channelproducts. We adhere to the customer as the center, we adhere carefully to provide users with high-quality products.B301 are designed to enhance security and optimize manpower at your entrance points. These systems will provide you with efficient and elegant control of individual access to your premises. They are straightforward to install,easy to understand as implet to maintain. The products can be widely applied to the following usages, such as industrial enterprises, Living garden, building offces, shops, museums, security installations, prisons, nuclear power plants airport, railways, seaports, exhibition centers, ski resorts, fitness, and other fields.


Safety first
     In the fire or power-off, the door can be free to promote and ensure unimpeded;
Various Interfaces
     I/O, RS232/485,CAN interfaces, which it is convenient to control signal input, and provides convenient centralized fire control interface.
Two working modes
    NC and NO, which is easy to deal with peak and normal use;
Multiple control modes
    There are unidirectional, bidirectional,free passage and authorization passage to meet fully the users'needs,which consist of nine control modes
Precise positioning:precise positioning by photoelectric sensors, the work cycle of door is regular and precise positioning to ensure correct position after long work;
Various status information:It Provides operational status of each component, the direction of the status, the prevalent status, abnormal status, etc;
Indicator control
    The indicator is able to show three status of front and back indicator (allow through,no through,system maintenance).Also which show the passage direction and passage status (A to pass,B to pass,no through), According to reasonable indicator control, which is convenient for users to management;
Machine core control
     The two sides machine core work with coordination and synchroniztion, and the control system provide convenient management functions. the passage controller can control the machine core of all functions and settings of all parameters, which is reasonable for consisting of the various components of the machine core operation flow, and which is more intelligent and safety to design a access control function;
Sensor Analysis
     The sensor got signal which real-time processing and analyzing a person or object for a variety of action, according to the results of analysis are to accurately control the action of machine core, indicator and alarm etc;
Sound output
    Whether it is normal or emergency situation, the sound output can remind passengers and administrators timely and friendly, which cooperate with light and make the perfect effects;
Convenient setttings
    With the screen and buttons consist of human-machine interface, the users can quickly and easily query and set channel parameters,no longer totally dependent on the host computer or extremely unfriendly pure key board to query and set parameters. This is not necessary functions, but once experience we believed that no one will forget it is great;
Automatic test
  In the man-machine interface,system provides automatic test function, which can be a well test whether the components to work properly or not.


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